Couverture médiatique

drawing muhammad

3 Responses to Couverture médiatique

  1. maxadell dit :

    Excellent dessin , tellement vrai . Quel monde de dingue quand même….ha le politiquement correct , pas de mot pour le qualifier.

  2. BenoitG dit :

    Parlant de couverture médiatique, et de médias qui biaisent la perception du poids des interlocuteurs, regarde ceci:

    • crioux dit :

      Un show d’humour qui invite Bill Nye le « unscience » guy?! C’est tellemnt pertinent.

      Voici ma réponse a ce vidéo:

      So much anti-science bullshit.
      -There is no warming since over 18 years (while CO2 has risen)
      -« 97% of scientist » is a manipulated poll, where they selected 75 people among 3000
      -Bill Nye is an actor and entertainer, not a scientist, and he has no credentials on climate
      -« Science is settled » is not science. Science is based on fact, not opinion pools. Consensus is a politic thing
      -During the last 8000 years (since the end of the last ice age) there were at least 5 periods that were warmer than today
      -We actually live in a COLD and CO2 POOR era. Since 500 milions years, temperature have been waremer most of the time, and CO2 levels were 5 times higher than today on average.
      -The « warming » that they always show is always starting at 1880. This is the only way they can show « warming » because 1880 was at the end of « little Ice Age », one of the coldest periods since the last ice age. it’s NORMAL that is has warmed a bit since then,
      -The actual global sea ice is above average, arctic ice is in progression, and antarctic ice is beating ice cover records for 3 years in a row.

      Humans don’t affect the climate, solar cycles do. Get over it. It’s a political scam to get your money and control you.

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