Article intéressant à propos du CO2

La différence entre les vrais écologistes et les environnementalistes « anti-toutte »:

• CO2 is an essential plant nutrient that accelerates the growth of plants, gardens and forests.

• CO2 is present in the atmosphere at just 400 ppm. By comparison, oxygen is present at 210,000 ppm. There is barely any CO2 in the atmosphere at all.

• Higher CO2 levels means better reforestation and « greening » of the planet. As CO2 levels rise, barren regions are able to « re-green » with trees that couldn’t grow there before.

• CO2 is chronically deficient in the atmosphere today; many plants are « starving » for carbon dioxide.

• NO, I do not support the oil and gas industries. In fact, there is hardly any link between energy usage and the rise of CO2 in the atmosphere. The vast majority of CO2 emissions come from biology, not burning fossil fuels.

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  1. crioux dit :

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    « Rising carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has a « fertilization effect » on plants in arid regions that has contributed to the flourishing of foliage there »

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